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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 23 - Blog Name Poetry

As the Giveaway Guru, I get the opportunity to see the names of all the blogs in this community every day.  I have been enjoying the creativity of each name.  There really are some great ones.  There are many that I wonder about.  Where did that name come from?  What does that name mean?  I have been thinking about how I could use those names to write something.  It's been nagging at me since the beginning of the month.  Today, after 23 days, it finally came together.  Check it out...maybe you will see your own blog name in there somewhere!

it's what we teach everystudenteveryday.
We say writereadlearn because
we want our students to lead
We ask them to
because learningisgrowing.
We want to get them into the
We want to teach them that
even when we are awesomelybusy
is important.
We want to wakeupandwrite
because they love it

To demonstrate
we livewriteteach.
We read even though there are
We write about fireflytrails
and chartingbythestars
and we teachtoinspire.
We teach about
We work hard at squeezingitallin.
We work hard to raisealithuman
or two or a thousand.

Some days we livelifeindaydreams
of sandandstone.
Some days our mantra is
And even though we know that
we have alittlefaithandalotofheart
and journey on.
We share our coffeefueledmusings
and dance our teacherdance
because wearethecape.
We are teachingyoungwriters,
and smilingalltheway.


  1. Wow - very cool. Thanks for taking the time and making it all make sense!! You are definitely teachingtomorrowsleaders.

  2. This is so creative- loved reading it!

  3. I'm so glad you included your own wonderful name, Robin. This has to be the best post ever. You deserve the creative medal, the top trophy, and the slicing "star"! Thank you for making my day! (I'd be honored to share the link tomorrow if you would like.)

    1. Thank you Linda! I had fun and the names of all the blogs are just so cool I had to do something with them! You are welcome to share the link...I would be honored.

  4. That was really clever. Thanks for sharing!