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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chalk-a-bration July 2013

It's Chalk-a-bration time again!!  Check out Betsy's blog Teaching Young Writers for more great chalk posts!

Today I have a mixture of chalk from my own children and my students who are attending a summer program for incoming kindergarten students. 

This morning, I noticed on my way out the door that my daughters had been using the chalk in the garage yesterday!  Perfect timing!

                             This is my 5-year old's version of hopscotch!                             

A series of ice cream cones.

Just one of the labels I found...this is where we keep our storage tubs.  I think my 7-year-old is into labeling, organization, etc., with the exception of her bedroom.  :)

At school today, I was planning to take my students outside to decorate the sidewalk by the main door of the school...until it started raining.  So, I scratched that plan and instead let them draw on black paper.  The kids were so attached to their drawings they wanted to take them home.  Since they shared the paper, we compromised and hung the murals on our walls instead.

Josh and Noah: Team X's

Jordyn's snow girl

Gavin's ... something?

Drew's boat

 Maddie's bug skeleton (in pink) and Peyton's monkey falling (in white)

Athena's Skylander

CJ's sandwich and name

Brayden's house

Celina's flower

Now it's your turn!  Grab your chalk, find something to write on and go!  Chalk a poem, draw a picture 


Be sure to check out Betsy's blog Teaching Young Writers for more chalk!