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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Plate Runneth Over!

There are so many things on my plate, everyone's plate, everyday.  It can be overwhelming!  Or, you can take one thing at a time and keep plugging away at your list.  I have found that is the best option for me.  If I try to think about everything, it's too much.  If I just focus on one thing at a time, I have breezed through several items without really even realizing it.  The trick for me is to just keep going and know that eventually, I'll land at the bottom.  Preferably on the couch in front of the TV for a little mindless entertainment before bedtime.  No strings attached.  But, until then...

I keep thinking.  I keep moving.

I cannot stop.

The list - it never ends!

Send conference forms home with my students.
Clean out their overflowing book boxes.
Shop for new books to stir up some reading excitement.
Remember to read the opinion mentor text before writer's workshop tomorrow.

Choose a student for a thumbs up award.
Pick a child to read at open mic night.
Find an author to read a writing piece on video.

Rush out the door.
Daycare pick up.  Girl scout cookie pick up.  Book club.

Empty the dishwasher.
Put away the three baskets of clean laundry.
Clear clutter off the table.  Make dinner.
How was your day?  Tell me your best and worst parts.

Dinner's done. Clear the table.  Fill the dishwasher. 

Sign and return school conference forms for my children.
Remember to sign their planners.
Don't forget to send snack on Thursday!

Play Barbies.  Tickle bellies.  Find lost toys.  Laugh.

Pjs, cuddles, books, bedtime.
Take a breath.

Find a place to land.

The couch feels nice.
I'll just lay down for a few minutes.

Can you hand me the fuzzy red blanket?


I guess everything else can just wait until tomorrow...
when it starts all over again.

March is coming soon!!  Have you signed up to participate in the Slice of Life Challenge?  I have and I can't wait to begin!  I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ice Frosted Trees

As I drove to school this morning, my children playing together quietly in the backseat, I noticed the trees.  It was like they were standing guard over the road before me.  They were frost covered and white; stark against the bluing morning sky.  They were beautiful!  Unfortunately, they were also rushing past my window and I couldn't snap the perfect picture.  I caught myself thinking that it was Tuesday, slicing day, and that's when the poem began to form in my mind.  I did some editing and revising as I drove and quickly typed it while sitting at a stop sign, thankful for quiet country roads.

I was able to try out PicMonkey yesterday for another poem I was working on and when I remembered a photo I had taken last winter after an ice storm, I decided to do some playing.  How was your drive today?

Come join in the slicing fun at the Two Writing Teachers blog.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Day!

On Sunday, like many others, we were bombarded with snow!  We went from barely enough to cover the grass to a knee-high blanket.  It's beautiful and it bought us a snow day on Monday.  Along with the frosty fingers and toes it brought my children and the happy giggles I heard from the sleds, it also brought me this poem. 

snow streams


   blows cold
            on my face


the air
      with frost

and finally

     lands on the Earth

a frozen message
        from Heaven

it's meaning
and beauty


for each

Did you get a new thick blanket too?  What did your snow pile inspire?