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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Playground Time!

It has finally happened!  We have finally had a few nice spring days!  It seemed as though winter was never going to end.  The cold days dragged on and on.  The dark mornings lasted forever.  The nights of eating dinner with darkness outside the windows are over!

My children have had a bad case of spring fever and it has been so nice to be able to get outside lately to play and blow off a little steam!  We are all happier for it.  Over the weekend we were even able to head out to the playground.  We live down the street from an elementary school, so when the weather is nice we often head down the street to play.  There is something for everyone to enjoy there!   

You may notice a couple things in these pictures:

1. It was a beautiful day and we were enjoying the nice weather for a change!
2. My daughters dressed themselves.  Honest.
3. My son doesn't love having his picture taken...I had to sneak up and zoom in!
4. The one heading up to the really tall slide?  Yep.  That's my 3 year old daredevil. 
5. Slides are the cause of major hair static.  :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break '15.....priceless

 Hello Slice of Life!  Nice to see you again!  I've missed you since March.

Monday's trip to the dentist.....20% of the total
Having decent insurance.....priceless

Tuesday's trip to the dealership for recalled tires......$5 for gas
Four new tires and knowing everything is now safe.....priceless

Three happy meals and three value meals at McDonald's........$32
Smiling faces huddled in a booth for six.......priceless

Six tickets to see the long-awaited movie Home.....$31
Hearing giggles from the seats next to mine......priceless

Popcorn, candy and drinks for six.......$51
Watching munching crunching faces light up.....priceless

Good thing we went to a matinee........$3 saved
Not having to fight a crowd.....priceless

To Come:
Wednesday's trip for the boys to a Tiger's game.....$happy birthday!
Dad watching a game in the rain with his boy during opening week.....priceless
Thursday's trip to the museum for six to see the pirate exhibit.....$69
Spring break schedule.......priceless

Friday brings a day of rest and a pizza.....$25
Mom knowing she doesn't have to cook......priceless

Knowing we saved money by not going on a big trip......$??? many Franklin's saved
Not being stuck in a vehicle having four kids on a long car trip......priceless

Spring break is off to a great start with more fun ahead!  What are you up to this week?