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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Welcome to March!

I can't believe it's almost March!  I've been looking forward to starting the SOLC challenge this year.  I know it is just what I need to get back into writing as a habit.  Life has gotten hectic and time has gotten away from me.  Oh sure, there is still time in my day to write, I just haven't made room for it.  But I want to and that is half the battle, right?

I have even talked a friend, maybe two, into joining in the challenge this year.  They are very unsure that they can write a post that many days in a row...but I know they can! It is my hope that by having someone new to encourage along, as well as being a part of the welcome wagon, will help solidify my writing habits again. My writer's muscles need some stretching and I can't wait!  I'll consider this post my trial run.

The days run together
time slips past
the clock ticks faster
or at least it seems
tasks get prioritized
jobs rearranged
time must be made
created or shifted
it must
I must
because it is time
to write again!
Welcome to March!