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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Day!

On Sunday, like many others, we were bombarded with snow!  We went from barely enough to cover the grass to a knee-high blanket.  It's beautiful and it bought us a snow day on Monday.  Along with the frosty fingers and toes it brought my children and the happy giggles I heard from the sleds, it also brought me this poem. 

snow streams


   blows cold
            on my face


the air
      with frost

and finally

     lands on the Earth

a frozen message
        from Heaven

it's meaning
and beauty


for each

Did you get a new thick blanket too?  What did your snow pile inspire?


  1. Robin, first of all I would like to comment on your opening visual that is engaging and leads us into your poem: from barely enough to cover the grass to a knee-high blanket. That is how the landscape first looked on Long Island. Now, there is snow upon snow, upon snow.
    Secondly, this line resonates with me: SLASHES the air with frost. I love this strong image of what the biting cold can do.
    Thirdly, I would like to invite you to add this poem (with an original photo) of the blanket of snow to the Winter Whisperings Gallery that I am designing. This will be my 5th global gallery of poetic expressions. If interested, you can access the information at the bottom of my #SOL15 post: http://linkis.com/blogspot.com/YFmZc. Have a warm winter.

    1. Robin, I do not have your full name but you have mine. Here is my Twitter handle @cvarsalona. Let's connect on Google+, Twitter, and gmail if you would like.

  2. yep...awe inspiring, but I thought I'd see more happy kids donning sleds...just a few happy snow lovers .... I'm wondering if so many are home alone and parents freak if they go out, it is so sad to me

  3. Loved that ending ... "its meaning and beauty different for each." True for me even day to day! I loved being inside watching the snow fall ... but loathed it when I had to go out later!

  4. I love the comparison - like a knee-high blanket. I was really hoping for a foot of snow and got 2 inches. Snow does mean different things for everyone - a nice thought to ponder.

  5. No snow for me in Colorado. In fact, we aren't even wearing coats to recess. I am enjoying the nice weather but worry we will burn up again in the summer. Glad you could find the beauty and fun in the snow!