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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Chalk! Do You Chalk?

It is chalk time again!
Since I forgot to restock my chalk supply, I had to be a little creative in my chalking this month!

I pulled out the trusty iPad and started searching for a chalk board app.  Guess what?  I found one!  It's very simple but fun.  My kids and I have both enjoyed playing with it today.  I have school ideas swirling too!  I'm thinking this would be a fun way to practice sight words in the classroom!  A new word work tool!  I just wish I had more iPads for the classroom!  

Take a look at what came out of my "chalk" today!

 I didn't have a poem ready for chalking today and when I sat down to write, I wasn't very inspired.  Instead, I started drawing and playing around.  Here is my first product...a play on Betsy's Chalk-A-Bration button!  That white thing down at the bottom?  My attempt at a mustache, of course!

Of course, my brain kept leaning toward school.  It keeps doing that now that July is almost at a close.  Sad but true. Here is my next drawing...I think I will call it a "picture-list" poem.  It's a  little of each, I think.

 During the summer, for me, thoughts of returning to school always turn into thoughts of wanting more vacation time.  So...this is where I want to be...

Last, but not least, my almost one-year-old decided that the iPad looked like fun.  Here is her very first chalk drawing.  Okay, fine, I might have helped her change chalk colors, but the art work is all hers!

It may not be a traditional sidewalk chalk set of drawings, but it was fun anyway.  To check out more chalk work, head to Betsy's blog Teaching Young Writers.

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  1. I'm loving all of these chalk creations. How neat! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your innovation and it's fun to mix-it-up a bit with the chalk! How fun -- and not quite as messy too! :)

  3. How fun that you found an app on the iPad! That is great! I love your "got chalk" ad -very cute! The artwork is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your chalk creations are so cool! I think I will be looking for that app. What a fun and innovative time you've had with this. Of course I recognized the mustache.

  5. This is all fun! I love that the littlest one got into the mix too! I can just see her wonderful eyes lighting up as she drew all those lines. Thanks for celebrating with me today and I want to be in that "where I want to be picture" right along with you!

  6. I'm going immediately to find that app. These are terrific pics, Robin. I like them for all different reasons-really love that landscape!

  7. I love the idea of chalk writing of any kind. Something about it just makes you smile no matter what.