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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Summer Bathtub

 How I have been feeling lately...

The Summer Bathtub

I'm in the giant tub
the summer bathtub
soaking in the summertime
loving the nice warm water
at times it's too hot
but I still enjoy it
because I know it won't last very long
at times it's cool
and again I enjoy it
because I know it won't last very long
the summer bathtub is a magical place
a place to relax
and do nothing
or do anything
or do everything
but only if I want to
I glory in the summer bathtub
I marinade in it
I know that way too soon it will be over
I know the plug is there somewhere
covered at first by the bubbles of late spring
when kids are beginning to venture outside with their wands
beginning to pull out the sidewalk chalk
beginning to test their coltish running legs again
as the fireworks burst over my head
I begin to see the bubbles disappate
slowly at first
in the background I know they exist
but I ignore
pop, pop
they get louder and louder in their disappearing act
pop, poP, pOP, POP!
until one day I realize I can see it
the plug looms large
then bigger still
and I'm being sucked toward it with the sweet summer water
I swirl in the last days of summer
I try to grab a hold of something
of anything
in the slippery summer bathtub
but no amount of trying
will stop the eminent draining
there is excitement in the whoosh of water
a few more playful splashes
before its gone for good
and then all that's left is the gurgle
the last little trickle of water
down the pipe
and then it's time to leave the tub
oh, we will enjoy the sprinkles of fall waters
and the icy delights of winter
and the bloom of spring showers
but all the time knowing
then returning
to the summer tub

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  1. I'm loving the summer tub - Oh, to slow the drain! Nice job!

  2. "coltish running legs"
    I loved that part. What a joyous place you describe here.

  3. FUN! What a great image of summer. :)

  4. I love your description of this magical place:
    "a place to relax
    and do nothing
    or do anything
    or do everything
    but only if I want to"
    Thanks for describing the summer bathtub so well. I try to live by those words "but only if I want to" during the summer!

  5. This reminds me of that book The Tub People - glub glub glub...