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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet Maddie

Sweet Maddie

I can't believe how you have grown
When just last night 
As I tucked you in 
you were a small baby

I kissed your fuzzy head
I nuzzled your neck
You babbled sweet nothings
pudgy fingers on my cheek

But look at you now
Growing so fast
Preschool starts tomorrow
Your bag is all packed

No longer my baby
Now a young girl
Out into the world
To share your heart of gold

My third child starts preschool in two weeks.  It's no easier this time around either!  It's exciting and scary to send my baby out into the world!  Here we go!

Sharing your heart of gold


  1. Oh they change and grow so fast! I love image of the pudgy fingers on your cheek. So sweet and a memory of this age to save through words.

  2. Your poem made me tear up, Robin. My daughter isn't even two yet and I cannot imagine sending her off to preschool yet. Thanks for the reminder to CARPE DIEM.
    Good luck with the transition.

    1. Stacey, wow! Thanks! I wrote several lines through teary eyes. I've been a mom for nine years now and I still can't believe how fast the time goes!

  3. "To share your heart of gold" - lovely!
    Wishing you both a beautiful first day!

  4. We recently celebrated the youngest grandchild's first birthday. Many are talking about time flying. I know we can't hold it back, & really wouldn't want to, but you've written a sweet poem capturing the moment. Thanks!

    1. My baby turned one last week too! I used to think my parents were a little crazy when they talked about time flying...boy was I wrong! I think this was a little writing therapy for me but I'm glad to have recorded my feelings about her growing up. A year ago I wouldn't have thought to write about it...so glad for a Tuesday SOL outlet for this one!

  5. Thanks...this brought back sweet memories of not so long ago!

  6. As an empty nest mother and a preschool teacher it is wonderful to be reminded of "first day" feelings of a mother.