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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Children Are A Choice

I am the mother of four children ages 9, 7, 4 and 1.  I chose to be a mom.  I chose to have four kids.  Is it busy?  Of course!  Are some days better than others?  Of course!  Some days I have lots of patience.  Some days I don't.  Some days my children are full of giggles.  Some days they are not.  I also teach kindergarten full time.  I chose to be a teacher.  Am I around children all day?  Yes.  Do I love it?  Yes.  Are there good days and bad?  Of course.  Am I exhausted at the end of the day?  Yes, but it's a good kind of exhausted.  It's the kind of exhausted that feels like I did something important that day.

I am continually surprised by the number of people that know I am a teacher and then find out that I have FOUR kids at home.  That's how they say it.  "You have FOUR kids at home?"  Yes.  Yes I do.  It's a choice that I made. 

Isn't having four kids hard?  Isn't it hard after spending all day with kindergarteners?


Cancer is hard.

Children are a choice.

Death is hard.

Children are a choice.

Life is like a roller coaster.  You can shut your eyes and scream for your mommy OR you can throw your hands in the air and enjoy the ride.

I choose to teach full time and I choose to have four kids.  I choose to throw my hands up in the air and enjoy the ride.  I wouldn't trade it for the world. 


  1. Good for you, Robin. From all your posts, I can see that you enjoy the ride, even after earlier this week (ugh) with the throwing up episode. Life happens, & it is good!!

  2. I smiled through this whole post, mostly because I could see you with your hands up and a big smile! Keep riding :)

  3. Your joy is evident between the lines. Yes, they are work but they are not "hard." Rather, they sound wonderful!

  4. Robin,
    I think you wrote this just for me today. Thank you for these words.

  5. I have never met you, or even seen a picture of you, yet I can "feel" your joy--both with your job and with your children!

  6. Your children - at home and in your class - are so lucky you chose.

  7. Thanks for sharing such a positive outlook about two important topics- being a mom and being a teacher. Keep that joy!