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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mackenzie Rose

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Your baby blues are innocent, sweet
Your chubby fingers hold mine tight
Your smile is like sunshine

Your baby cheeks are pudgy-round
Your feet wear my shoes
Your giggles are contagious

You were here for such a short time
You brightened our days
You will hold our hearts forever

In Loving Memory
Mackenzie Rose
12/8/98 - 8/8/00

My niece was my little princess for almost two years before she and her babysitter were lost in a car accident.  She could make you smile and lighten your heart without effort. She was our little "Rosebud." 

Love you forever, Baby girl


  1. Such sweet memories of this little one who lives in your heart forever.

  2. So lovely to write this for your little Mackenzie Rose, Robyn. I'm sorry that you & your family had this loss.

  3. What a tragic loss. A loss of any kind is so difficult, but to lose a child. A precious baby with so much life to live. Heartbreaking. Remember these memories always.

  4. Even her name sounds like a beam of light. Such a sad moment but your poem creates a cherished frame of memories that define her portrait of life. I love your line about her smile being like sunshine.