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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

25 Things That Make Me Smile

I'm getting excited about March!  It's such a great month.  If I'm lucky, it there will be a hint of sprint in March.  It's the month when things feel like they are falling into place in the classroom-finally.  It is a month of growth in many ways!  It's a month of birthdays - my dad, my husband, my son, my father-in-law, my sister-in-law, and several friends.  But...it's also a month of writing!  I'm really looking forward to the Slice of Life Challenge this year.  Last year was my first time participating and it was amazing.  I'm sure this year will be equally fulfilling.  My writing habits haven't been strong lately so I'm looking forward to an "excuse" to make time to write.  I've made my list of ideas to fall back on in case there is a day I just can't find the words.  Now I'm ready ... bring it on SOLC 2013!
I've been thinking lately about what makes me smile.  There are so many different things and so many different stories I could tell about them, it's a little overwhelming.  Instead, for today, I think I'll just make a list.  Who knows?  Maybe it will fuel more posts later!

25 Things that Make Me Smile
  1. A hot cup of  French Vanilla cappuccino
  2. Snow falling softly outside my window
  3. The sound of my children laughing
  4. My husband's smile
  5. A hug
  6. A note from a friend
  7. Reading a good book
  8. My fuzzy, red blanket - a Christmas gift that keeps giving!
  9. Snow days!
  10. Hearing my most favorite words from my most favorite people, "I love you Mommy!"
  11. Waking up slowly on a Saturday, without the alarm blaring
  12. A hot shower
  13. Date night
  14. Watching my children play in the snow
  15. A great quote
  16. The hum of learning 
  17. Smiles on my children's faces
  18. A chat with a good friend
  19. A Cherry Coke!
  20. Watching a child's face when they begin to understand something difficult
  21. My mom
  22. Knowing our babysitter loves our children
  23. Helping others
  24. The smell of a new baby
  25. Crawling into bed at night


  1. It seems that you are more than ready for March, Robin. What a sweet list, made me smile too! I'm looking forward to slicing with you!

  2. Great list! Mine would also include snow days and the smell of a new baby!

  3. Love your list. I smile at so many of these same things.

  4. You list made me smile, but I would have to change the cherry coke for a diet cherry Dr. Pepper. March will be fun!

  5. Your list made me smile too-specifically the sound of children laughing! I love the happiness that follows when I hear my children laughing!
    Thanks for sharing & like you, I'm looking forward to the SOLC In march!