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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Goal is Met

For 7 years Eeyore stood guard
a porcelain friend
high upon her dresser
to collect the coins her fingers find

Her 3 duct tape wallets
created by a friend
are home to the green
until the very end

Counting and recounting like a banker she saved
allowance, birthday money, tooth fairy cash
silver or green
it went into her stash

An announcement she made
on a lovely summer day
a DSi was her heart's desire
her own money she would pay

She scoured the ads
a sale she did find
"Can we got to the store please?"
her voice extra kind

"I'll take you tomorrow"
her mother did say
she danced and she jumped
only night in her way

Morning dawned bright
excitement was clear
it was the big day
she had no spending fear

To Walmart they went
she marched right on in
red, pink, black or blue
which color would win?

She grinned ear to ear
on the way out the door
feet barely skimming
floating over the floor

Blue was the victor
her eyes shined bright
home to play games
in her world all was right

My daughter Emma has been diligently saving her money with one goal in mind.  She wanted to buy herself a Nintendo DSi.  Last night after dinner she brought out her bank and her 3 wallets and began to stack and count her money on the kitchen table.  She danced and yelled with joy when she realized she'd saved enough!  I asked her to think about it carefully because she'd need to spend every dollar she had to buy the DSi.  A little while later, jammie clad, she returned to me.  She understood that she'd have no money left and she was sure she wanted to buy it.  And...could I please take her to the store right then?  I promised to take her the next day.  Meanwhile, she looked at the ads from the newspaper and we looked online together to find the store with the best price.  She was being such a smart and savvy little shopper!  I'm proud of her for all the saving she did to meet her goal, but even better, she is proud of herself!

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  1. I'm cheering for Emma and you both, Robin! I'm sure her sense of accomplishment is huge, and you've done a terrific job as a parent by encouraging her to save for what she wants. That's a life skill she'll need for the rest of her life! Well done, and thanks for sharing your poem today!

  2. Yea for Emma for being so savvy with this purchase! And kudos to you for guiding her.

  3. Hurrah for the story, and now you've captured it in a poem, too, Robin. I like that verse 'she grinned ear to ear' and on. Such glee. What a wait and what a reward!

  4. Way to go, Emma! (Nice poem to memorialize her thriftiness!)

  5. I loved these lines:
    "feet barely skimming
    floating over the floor"
    such happiness! Good for Emma, and Emma's mom!

  6. I'm so glad you couldn't talk her out of buying what she'd set her heart on. You might say a DSi in hand is way better than all that loot in the Eeyore bank and the duct-tape wallet!

    Violet N.

  7. Wow, I would be so proud of her too! One day she will reread this poem and all the memories will come flooding back of her singular determination and a kind mother who showed her the way.

  8. Hurray for Emma! That's a lot of money to save! And a lot of life lessons to learn! And I agree with Mary Lee, how cool that you have memorialized the experience in a poem especially for her!