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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Journey, A Step

Join Ruth and Stacey for a Slice of Life on their blog Two Writing Teachers every Tuesday.  Read a slice or write one of your own!

A journey begins
with one small step
chancing the unknown

No one knows what the future holds
we just set our goals
and travel onward

A new adventure awaits
around every turn
and fork in the road

It's up to us to grab hold
or let go
and move forward either way

Our journey is our own
no one else can say
only our heart can guide the way

Consider your path carefully
but let your heart choose
listen and trust

Chance the unknown
take one small step
begin a journey

My journey? There are many things my heart wants to do.  Write a book or two?  Maybe someday.  Today I think I will be a wife, a mom and a teacher.  But my newest fork in the road, my newest journey, is to help other teachers.  I love to help others if I can and I hope that by creating a shop at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook that I will be able to help teachers far and wide.  I am sharing the things that I have created and have used in some form or another in my own classroom to help my fellow teachers.  There is no sense recreating things that people have already spent time making...so let's share!

And now...a shameless plug...
If you are willing to read for a few more minutes, I hope you will check out my new teacher stores by clicking one of the links below...or tell a friend...or both!

And because I consider you all my friends, there are two freebies waiting for you if you go!  You can go to either shop -- the freebies are in both.  You will find an "Owl Counting Pack" for counting by tens and ones AND a "Little Monsters Roll & Color" activity for recognizing standard dice dot patterns and numbers 1-6.  I hope you will enjoy them and also take the time to check out my other items.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Great poem! I am always jealous of those who write poetry. I am learning to appreciate it more and more which is a good thing.

  2. Robin, I love these words from your poem:
    "Chance the unknown
    take one small step
    begin a journey"
    Good luck on your newest journey!

  3. Ramona...I love the joy you exude when you share. I'm so glad you plugged your store. I will frequent it and give it to my kinder and 1st grade teachers also. xo nanc

  4. You are right, there is a new adventure on the road ahead. Good luck with your new adventure. Who knows, we may be reading that you are the next million dollar seller on TpT.

  5. I love that we are all on our own journeys and it sounds like ours have quite a few things in common! Glad I found your blog through SLICE and am off to follow you on TPT! :) Lyssa www.mymommyreads.com

  6. I hope it's going well, Robin. Your things are so creative, and I do love your new heading. Although I "think" I did lots of creative things with my middle school students, it's been much fun working with primary lately too & seeing what happens 'creatively' there. I'll share your stores with those teachers!

  7. Great idea! I will share with my teachers.

  8. Good luck on this leg of your journey and thanks for sharing your creations on TpT!
    You go! ;)