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Friday, August 23, 2013

Revisit and Revise - The Summer Bathtub

I am revisiting a poem I wrote last summer as I'm feeling summer slip through my fingers again.  It's such a curious mixture of sadness in summer ending and excitement over starting again!  For now, I'm trying to enjoy the last drops of summer!

The Summer Bathtub

the summer tub
soaking in summertime
at times too hot
joyful, no matter
it won't last long
at times too cool
fleeting, no matter
it won't last long
the magical summer tub
a place to relax
do nothing
do anything
do everything
glory in the summer bathtub
marinade in it
it won't last long
the plug soon pulled
bubbles of late spring
give way to summer chalk
and coltish running legs
fireworks, tag, splish and splash
until one day
the plug looms large
then bigger still
draining sweet summer water
swirling the last summer drops
slipping away
one last playful splash
before its gone for good
leaving only a gurgle
one last little trickle
down the pipe
the summer tub

Betsy, at i think in poems, is hosting Poetry Friday.  Join up, come in and read, enjoy!


  1. Ah-one last trickle-so sad! I love also the idea of "marinade in it"-exactly my feeling about summer. I'm back this week & the students arrive next Wednesday-busy, busy & tired, I think from the increased talks & interactions-love it, but not used to it. Thanks for reminding us about this summer tub, Robin!

  2. I was with you all the way to the last trickle down the pipe. So sad to see summer go, but it will be back again and we can bathe in it!