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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Single Ray of Sunshine

On my way home from school last week, I captured a picture of a single ray of sunshine escaping through a cloudy sky.  I wrote this as I was driving, completely inspired by that ray of light.

This writing while driving thing is becoming a habit...not a safe habit, but a habit still.  I think I need an app that I can talk to and it will type for me!

A single ray of sunshine
can light your path
lead the way
can lift a mood
make a day

A single ray of sunshine
can create a smile
light a face
can bring together
strong embrace

My inspiration:

 And a few more "light" shots I have captured since:

And my favorite one:


  1. Stop this writing and driving, but keep noticing and hold those words in your head. Those pictures are incredible! I don't think I can pick a favorite one, they are all so beautiful. I'm going to have to try and snap a few of the fall sunsets. My husband claims they are the most beautiful in the fall. You are proving that.

  2. Wow-Robin, words and photos so gorgeous. I know your favorite but mine is the next to last. I also like "light a face/can bring together/strong embrace"-the way it sounds! Look for that app! And thanks!

  3. Your poem is beautiful, as are your pictures. But, please don't write & drive - there are way to many accidents because of this practice. The sun shining thru the clouds is absolutely stunning.

  4. Incredible images in pictures and in words.

  5. Oh, I love this post! Your words and pictures are gorgeous. My favorite is the sunset. I think you could easily put your phone on record and speak the words you're thinking. It may not type your words, but you can easily transcribe it later. Ask a kid for help!

  6. Robin, beautiful photos and touching poem. Both a beautiful ray of sunshine for me today! I'm guilty of scribbling and driving too. Have you tried Dragon Dictation? I think it's a free app. It's not perfect, but will dictate and then you can email it yourself. Maybe a little safer. :) But the car is sometimes my only quiet, thinking time and the perfect place to create!

  7. What an an incredible sky (and a beautiful poem that was inspired by it)!