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Saturday, October 19, 2013


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I thought that I would be celebrating my daughter's quick recovery from whatever nasty little bug has been going around.  She was out of school on Tuesday and Wednesday but was able to return for the end of the week.  That changed this morning, however, with she woke up with a fever again!  Boo!

So...I decided to celebrate something else!  This morning I also woke up to an email - with good news!  As I read the Teacher's Notebook newsletter this morning, I stumbled upon one of my own creations!  They selected one of my products to list as a freebie item of the week!  I had submitted it for review a couple of weeks ago without a lot more thought, knowing that there are probably hundreds (at least) of submissions each week.  It was a delightful surprise on this cold rainy Saturday.

If you'd like to check it out too, click here.  My "Monster Roll and Color" is the first freebie listed!


  1. Sorry about your daughter, but many congrats on your lesson being accepted! That's just great, Robin!

  2. How great to have your work featured on Teachers' Notebook! Hope your daughter will be on the road to recovery really soon!

  3. Being featured is a recognition for your work. Congratulations! Sending warm thoughts to your daughter to fight the bug.

  4. wow...that was a great little surprise...I'm going to check it out, too! xo

  5. Oh, shucks about the fever. Sick kids are never fun (and if your family is like mine, there is the additional stress of trying to contain the bug so you aren't ALL sick for a month!). I'm glad you still celebrated, even after a sicky-week.
    Shine on,