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Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Day!!!


I had hoped and wished and prayed for a snow day.  We had enough snow...maybe.  It had been snowing - Friday night through most of Saturday.  I went out on Sunday to buy groceries and the roads in town were terrible so I knew the rural roads were worse.  That was a start.  It continued to snow on and off on Sunday.  That was a good sign too!  I posted on Facebook that I was hoping for a snow day...my friends were hoping too, but no one was very optimistic.

And then it happened.

We were eating dinner and I heard a text buzzing my phone.  I didn't get up to answer during dinner...it could wait until we were done.

As I started to clear the table, I remembered the text.  I reached for my phone and my happy dance began!  I read it out loud to my kids and we all cheered!  We all enjoy school, but still...


And the best part?  Knowing about it the night before!  Am I right??

I have had a very productive day off too!  I spent the morning doing school work...I know, right?  But I did.  I have my math and Daily 5 chunks planned for January and February!  I fixed up my weekly planning sheet to fit with the adjustments to my schedule that I made two weeks ago (and it was about time too). 

I stirred up two batches of sugar cookies for school.  Each of my students will be rolling out and cutting cookies for each person in their house.  We will frost and decorate them and the kids will take them home for a family treat.  I mixed up three batches of my mom's frosting recipe to frost those cookies with too!

And, in and around all of that, I managed to spend time with my kiddos!  I mean, when they weren't busy watching movies, playing video games, reading, playing dress up and restaurant and dolls, and anything else their little hearts desired on this FREEZING snowy day.  It was a free-for-all kind of day, something we all needed.

I think the only thing that they didn't do today was play outside.  And I didn't blame them one little bit.  It's COLD out there (and they played outside yesterday while it was snowing).

Now, about tomorrow...

Do I smell another snow day coming my way?

Probably not, but if my phone should happen to deliver some most excellent news, I will NOT object!

I will also probably not be as productive either.

I guess time will tell.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Smiles coming your way, Robin. There is something about a snow day, no matter what we're missing, that does hearts good. So glad you got your day! It was 60 here today, in short sleeves! Our weather is strange...

  2. You are getting our weather from last week. We had rural schools out all week. The ice never melted on the roads. Love those snow days called the night before!

  3. What a pleasurable day! I agree, knowing about the snow day the day before is the best news ever.

  4. We had three snow days from the storm last and at first I wasn't very happy. Although I was not as productive as you, I did enjoy not having a schedule!

  5. Robin, I'm so envious. Both of your snow day and the students in your class who get to make sugar cookies! They're lucky to have you helping them prepare a family gift to take home and share.

  6. I am envious too! We have not had even one snow day regardless of our many prayers in that direction. I have to admit that I don't know many teachers who are as productive as you with their snowdays!