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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

26 Slices

I have been less than inspired today in my search for a slice of life story.  Since I had several little snippet ideas but nothing that was worth a whole post...I decided to challenge myself and probably share a little about myself at the same time.
A - Anxious, the end of the school year seems to be rushing toward me and I'm just not finished with this group of kiddos yet!
B - Bestie, I'm lucky to have two.  One who "lives" across the hall and always inspires me and one who lives near Chicago who I miss so much!
C - Calling, what I should be doing to catch up with the Chicago bestie and Coffee, which I would like to be drinking and chatting over with across-the-hall bestie right now!
D - Daydreamer, what I often find myself doing.  I think this is where I get some of my ideas for writing!
E - Eight, eight-year-old drama is rough.  For parents.  Enough said.
F - February, it's almost over, which means it's almost time for the March SOL challenge!
G - The student who will not stop talking!  What am I going to do about him?
H - Home, home is where the heart is, it's not just a saying!
I - Inspired, I have gotten so much inspiration this school year because of reading blogs...both teacher blogs and writing/slicer blogs.  I love it!
J - Joke, I like a simple joke.  What did the zero say to the 8?  See P for the answer.
K - Kindergarten, where I live every week day, where I share my days with 18 pretty great kiddos!
L - The text level of my highest reader...in kindergarten!  She's just amazes me every day!
M - Make-up days, what my school district now has due to the outrageous amount of snow days we have had this year and winter isn't even over yet!
N - Novel, that huge document on my computer that calls to me, the thing that is always in the back of my mind, the story that I daydream about (see letter D).
O - Outing, I am looking forward to my book club meeting tomorrow.  It's my mommy outing and I'm looking forward to good company and good discussion...whether it's about the book or not!
P - Punch line, "Nice belt!"  (see J for the joke)
Q - Ok, did anyone really think I would come up with something for the letter Q??
R - Rainbow Loom, the thing that occupies every spare minute of my daughter's time (and the thing I secretly enjoy playing with too!)
S - Snow, more specifically, blowing snow...I mean really, haven't we had enough already?  Did we really need more snow and wind today?  
T - Two Writing Teachers, the blog that pushes my thinking in the writing arena, my safe place to share my writing.
U - Unexpectedly hard letter to find something to start with U!
V - Violin, I played from 4th grade - 12th grade.  Now it lives under my bed.  There are days I miss playing...there just aren't enough hours in the day!
W - Wondering...what book will the book club choose to read next?
X - eXcited to be attending the All Write Conference again this summer!  Anyone else going?
Y - You, thanks to you for reading all the way to the end!
Z - zzzzzz, what I hope you are NOT doing after reading all the way to the end!  :)
Well, there you have it: 26 slices of my world today.  I hope you learned something new, I hope you laughed at some of them, and I hope you will come back again!  See you in March!


  1. I love the A-Z list and I didn't fall asleep. Always a great way to get your ideas out! Harder than it looks too!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, & creative, Robin. Love the J & P! And all the rest too! Yes, I'm planning to go to All-Write, are you and Betsy driving again?

    1. We are Linda! It will be nice to see you again!

  3. This is fabulous! Lots of fun to read and a great idea for a post!

  4. What a great way to slice! And what a lot you have on your plate!

  5. Love this idea! Love the H! I am hoping to go to All-Write for the first time along with a new teacher who I have convinced too!

  6. C is for creative way to post. I'm hoping get back to All Write again too.

  7. Well, that just about covers it a to z... and though you were afraid of the ZZZZZs after reading your post, I must admit, it is time for me to catch me some o' them Zs now!

  8. I love it! What a creative idea! I might have to steal it sometime. Since you are a teacher, you might know who Harry Wong is, and the one thing I learned from him was to "steal, steal, steal as a teacher." I guess we could just call it barrow!