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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Breathe In...Breathe Out...

It's been so long since I have been able to sit down and write.
I've been pretty busy lately.
Doing this:

Our house has officially been on the market for 4 days.
We have 2 requests for showings scheduled already...one for today and one for tomorrow.

We spent last weekend working our tails off to get everything cleaned, de-cluttered and prepped for pictures and showings.  Now the waiting begins...

We meet with the loan officer tomorrow afternoon to start pre-approval for the new loan.
We have our eye on two houses and are waiting to get our visits arranged.

It's all happening so quickly!
And during the busiest time of the school year!
It's a little overwhelming.
But in a very good way.

Cross your fingers for us! 


  1. It's always nerve-wracking to sell and buy, but I love it, as you say "it's a little overwhelming, but in a very good way." Hope it all goes smoothly for you!

  2. Selling and buying houses is very anxiety provoking. Keep breathing in and breathing out. Good luck to you.

  3. Good luck on selling and even more luck finding the perfect house for the best price. You are a brave one to tackle this with four kids and the end of school.

  4. Best of luck. Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of our move, and I remember all too well the stress and chaos and excitement of that time. Take one thing at a time and good luck!

  5. We, too, have our house on the market (6 weeks now). Lots of lookers and they all say that it's a beautiful home, but... It will take the right person at the right time. We decided to sell first and then look. Good luck selling and buying.

  6. I am crossing them (and my toes!) for you. I hope it all works out so you can find a new space and clutter it up with your lives again. (I can't imagine living in a show-perfect house!)

  7. Living in a show perfect house with four kids - yikes! We did it once with two kids and what a challenge. I used to sweep the daily rubble of our lives into a box and slide it into the van as we scooted out of the house for yet another showing.