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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Back to the River

I'm feeling some of life's torments today and reflecting on the evils and perils in our world.  I'm wondering how to raise good people in a world of poor models, horrible monsters and unexplainable events. It has been about 9 months since I wrote my first river poem.  It came to me one night, freely, almost faster than I could type and born out of frustration.  Once again, I find myself returning to the river...thoughts flowing like the water I imagine so clearly.  It makes me consider why water seems to be my metaphor.  I didn't reread the first poem until after I finished this one.  Interesting how similar and yet different they are.  Funny how the mind works.

The river rushes
it ebbs
and flows
it gushes
it slams
it builds
it tears down

The river flashes
it rages
and rocks
it pushes
it pulls
it ravages
it rearranges life

The river rolls
it sleeps
and quiets
it waits
it sneaks
it rests
it lies dormant

Until the next storm
it to life



  1. Loved your river journey.
    Rivers, oceans - the ebb and flow of life. Mountains and valleys...each defines the other. You can't just have mountains or they would not be mountains; there would be no vistas with no valleys. The river cannot remain constant or the seas would not be refreshed, and the rivers would become swamps. There can be good gleaned from the bad, though it may be difficult to find.

  2. Amazing how similar and yet different the poems are.

    The theme reminds me how my mother always said that dreams of muddy water meant a death was coming...

  3. You are tighter in the phrasing this time, just the succinctness of the wording makes me think of shouting, until that final part, the whispering as it slows. I love it Robin, & how very interesting that this keeps returning. Isn't there something in literature analysis that connects water to re-birth, as in from the 'water', etc.? I don't know much about it really, just vaguely. Terrific to think about. Happy Holidays to you & your family!

  4. Neat poem - I really can visualize the river. I'm feeling the raging waters for sure this week!

  5. You are so right, our minds are mysterious. These words are very direct and visible. I like the differences and similarities of the two. They each tell a story. Maybe you will visit the river again sometime?