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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bits of You

It feels good to be serving up a slice today.  This one presented itself to me as I drove home from school.  It was swirling around my mind so quickly and insistently, I almost had to pull over and write it down. 

Bits of You

I saw your hands today, Dad
Resting on my steering wheel
With their long fingers and oval nails
I saw you there in me.

I heard your laugh today, Mom
Coming out of my mouth
And it surprised me so
To hear you there in me.

I thought of all the bits that make me.
Dad’s blue eyes are in my mirror.
My shadow is mom’s exact height.
Mom’s sense of humor is joking in me.
A pinch of Dad’s stubbornness gives me strength.

Thank you Mom and Dad,
I thought,
for the bits of you in me.

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  1. Big tears, that is what I have right now. I could feel your emotion and delight in this post. What a beautiful poem.

  2. Oh my, Robin, this is just lovely, and the style is terrific... "I saw you there in me." Isn't it amazing how those words just appear? Maybe if we 'let' them... I wonder how we could show students how to really listen? Thanks for this. I imagine your parents will love it.

    1. I sure wish it was always easy to "let" the appear! I am going to share this with my mom, who I'm sure will appreciate it. It made me think of my children and what bits of me they will notice as they grow and change.

  3. I thought of all the bits that make me... yes. I so agree. As I read your poem I shook my head... yes... my parents in me... especially when one of the two isn't with me any more.

    1. Glad you can relate, Bonnie. Interesting, isn't it?

  4. So glad you pulled over to get these words down. I love this because we all see bits of our parents in us as we age. Sometimes we like what we see, other times we cringe, since we vowed not to be our parents.