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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We Are Blooming!

I absolutely love to watch my students learn and grow!  I know, there probably aren't any teachers out there that wouldn't say the same thing, but this year it just keeps smacking me in the face!

I have a student teacher that does a wonderful job.  She knows what she's doing and what to expect from students, where to support them and enjoys what she is doing.  It's been fun to watch her grow and learn as well this year!

Because she is so capable, I have been able to really sit back and watch my students.  Yes, I see behaviors in some of them that are less that desirable and its often hard to sit back and let her handle it without jumping in to help, but I see her growth when I do so I know how worth while it is.  The best part thought is watching the students really begin to shine.  Last week they were engaged and in love with literacy and math tubs...and I was able to watch it all unfold in front of me.  The flowers in my kinder garden are really beginning to bloom!  Take a look!

You will notice two levels of letter work below - first identifying a letter in an apple card game and then writing letters in sequence.

 Next up, more letter work.  First, students place the magnetic letter over the picture of the matching letter.  The next level is matching the letter to the beginning sound of the word/picture.  Finally, some students are beginning to spell color words.


During math tubs we have been playing a roll a number and write it game, counting by tens and writing the numbers in order, playing a roll and color activity to practice dot patterns and

 And more literacy tubs...we are working on identifying and writing letters.

We also practiced identifying beginning sounds of words/pictures and a roll a sight word game where we identified the word and practiced writing it.

The difference in what my students are capable of doing now versus the beginning of the school year when many didn't know any letters or sounds or numbers is just amazing!  I'm awfully lucky to be able to do this job I love!

Giving credit - I used activities from the following:

The Common Core Diner by Greg Smedley-Warren at Kindergarten Smorgasboard
Apple Letter/Sounds Game, Making Words and More, & All About Bats by Caitlin Clabby at Kindergarten Smiles
Lunchbox Letters by Alessia Albanese at www.mrsalbanesesclass.blogspot.com


  1. How lucky you are to have a student teacher so you can watch your kids as learners! It is amazing the growth that takes place. Have you asked them to reflect on the change from the first day of school and now?

  2. Wow, looks like lots of engaging activities are happening under your supervision with your student teacher! How lucky that you get to observe and collect data from "afar"!

  3. It's wonderful to see your photos, Robin, and hear the pride in your words. How great to have a good student teacher too, a real help, for you and the students!

  4. Love all the photos. Your classroom looks like a fun place to be. I am soooo happy that you have a wonderful student teacher. What a difference that can make!