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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We Love Mo Willems!

We have been doing an author study of Mo Willems in my kindergarten classroom.  It is my favorite study of the year!  We LOVE Mo!  We've read pigeon books, Elephant and Piggie books, and all the Knuffle Bunny books and we just love them all to pieces!

We have been learning to use a lot of what we learn from him through our reading in our own writing.  To help with this, we created an anchor chart all about Mo.  We learned about direction lines, movement lines, thought bubbles, speech bubbles, big words=loud voice (and little words=whisper voice), and how Mo shows feelings with facial expressions (which we added to the chart after I took the picture).

We talked about each thing that Mo taught us and found examples of them in books.  Then, I began to see them pop up in student writing...and that's when it gets really exciting for me!  Check it out!

Oral story: When I went outside with my daddy we played catch.  He told me "catch" and it went over my head.

Do you notice the speech bubble coming out of Dad's mouth?  And can you find the direction line that follows the tennis ball?  Awesome!

Next, we had to get a little artsy!  Each child was given the choice of three projects and signed up to make either an Elephant, Piggie or Pigeon.  Here is the display in the hallway.  Aren't they just too cute?

We just love Mo Willems!  Do you?


  1. Yes, I/WE do love Mo! Glad your students are enjoying a great set of books with lots of possibilities for writing!

  2. Yes, indeed. My daughter teaches first grade and has created several very creative bulletin boards with Mo's work.

  3. Mo knows just what kids need. I love his books, but my favorite of his is City Dog, Country Frog. It brings teachers to tears every time I share it. Have you seen Ruth's video of the kindergarten class that studied Mo. She has a QR code in the celebration book with a link to it on You Tube. Love your kids' work!

  4. Can't get enough. My granddaughter & I read all the E & P books, & laugh & laugh! He is a gift! Such fun that you are doing this, Robin. You should Skype with Mo!

  5. Great author! I love the hall displays! Our librarian just unpacked a new one today for the library. She was excited!