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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Celebrate This Week - January 4

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Wow!  Four blog posts this week?  There is a celebration in itself!
Today I'm linking up with Ruth Ayres to Celebrate this week!  Check out more celebrations big and small on her blog today.  My first celebration should be that I finally was able to spend some time on Saturday linking up to Ruth's wonderful celebration but instead, I'll share my top five celebrations from the last week of winter vacation!
 My first celebration this week? Easy...I went shopping this morning.  I usually go on Sunday and get groceries for the week.  Why am I celebrating this?  Well, several reasons really.  First, I beat the rush of people who are in a panic about the snow we are supposed to get hammered with starting this evening (maybe up to 14" they say).  Second, I saved $50 using mperks...the digital coupons from Meijer...and BOGO sales they were having on items I was going to buy anyway...and the $10 off coupon I earned buying diapers...and the 5% off groceries promotion they were running today!  See why I'm celebrating this now?  :)

I have had two weeks of vacation.  I love my job but I needed a break and this one was a nice, relaxed, mostly refreshing one.  'Nuff said.

I was able to create a HUGE Winter Math Pack this week.  I created with my students in mind and to post on my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's my biggest and (I think) best creation yet.  I was feeling creative but couldn't get going with any of my writing projects.  So, I sat down and began to play with clip art and math concepts that my students need now or need soon.  I'm pretty proud of it!

Did I mention the snowstorm we are supposed to get?  I'm not gonna lie...I wouldn't mind an extra day or two off.  Extend my vacation?  Sure!  It's already going to be a weird first week back because we have parent presents (that were supposed to be for Christmas) that we need to wrap, oh and we have to make that wrapping paper first!  I also owe my kiddos a Polar Express/hot cocoa/popcorn afternoon because our last day before break was a snow day.  It's not that I really WANT 14" of snow...a few would be fine, but 14" is really just over the top...and I certainly don't want the frigid air that we are supposed to get after the snow, but if it means a little bit longer at home?  I'll make an exception!

And finally, because we had that snow day before break, I was able to plan my math and literacy lessons through the month of January and into February!  I'm feeling like I'm going to back to school with a head start!  And even better than that?  I was able to work ahead a little bit and I have the laminating and cutting out of materials done for at least the next three weeks of school too!  That never happens and certainly should be celebrated!


  1. Robin, you have had a much more productive break than I. Kudos to you! I, too, am looking forward to a possible snow-day or two (here in mi). Way to go with the mperks; I didn't even know about them! Stay warm and cozy this week!

  2. I think you must have cartwheeled through your house before writing this, Ramona. So great to hear all these good things, although the snow is a bit daunting. It has snowed all day here & I think we've only gotten a couple of inches. The flakes are little ones! We don't have the moisture in the storm this time since it came from the north. I like that you got the math packet done, know it takes such planning to make it all work! Hope it also makes a bit of money! Have a great week back, with a couple of snow days included!

  3. Wow lessons planned through January and into February. I don't even have this week ready...I feel like such an underachiever! A couple of years ago, we had snow days before Christmas and it was such a letdown, but kind of fun celebrating in January. Good luck with the snow!

  4. What a deal at the store! Saving money is always cause for a celebration ( because I bet there might be a book you want later). It's always great to start back with plans ready and waiting, they will still be there even if there are a few snow days. Stay warm and cozy!

  5. I've sent you the sunshine award, Robin. Check it out! http://bit.ly/19K0vqm