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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Chalk-a-bration!

I'm joining Betsy today for Chalk-a-bration!  I decided this month to let the kids take the chalk and just go wild!  We are all so happy to see a little sunshine, some warmer temperatures and finally, NO MORE SNOW!!  So, to celebrate, we grabbed the chalk and took off for recess.  All of our kindergarten students have recess in the afternoon together.  So, what you see in the photos below are my own students plus many others who decided to join in when they saw the opportunity to chalk!

When you give a kindergartener some chalk,
 ...they will collaborate on a chalk drawing!

 ...they will write words and draw flowers.

...they will draw the sunshine and note who rocks!

 ...they will draw portraits.
...they will work hard to make fancy block letters!

And finally, when you give a kindergartener some chalk, you are bound to draw a crowd...of 74.

Got chalk?

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  1. Love those chalk people and block letters, Robin. What fun it must have been. We are still cold, but supposed to warm up by the end of the week! Happy Spring at last!