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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Puppy Love

Well, spring break finally arrived (you would think after all the snow days I wouldn't have felt such a need for another break!) and with it came the new puppy!

The kids have been head over heels all week!  We picked her up on Friday evening, took her home and put together her new crate.  We fed her, cuddled her, played with her and generally enjoyed her company all evening.  The kids are so excited they haven't gotten too far away from her.  She's even doing a good job with the potty training!

We expected her to be a little sad being away from her mama and siblings.  We expected a little whining and crying.  We did NOT expect to have to hold her all night long!  It really is like having a new baby in the house again!

On the third night, I suggested putting her bed in the laundry basket and letting her sleep next to our bed.  She slept!  She only whined three times and only because she needed a potty break.  I've decided she either really hates her crate or she just wants to be near us.  I hope for the latter, for all our sakes.  :) 

Welcome home Lucy!


 It must be puppy love!


  1. So cute, but so much work! At least you've got lots of volunteers to hold the new baby.

  2. Oh my goodness, she is wonderful, Robin! I remember having sleepless nights too with our puppies. Good luck!