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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trying my hand...

If you stopped by my blog during March then you already know we were anticipating the arrival of our newest family member...a puppy!  In April, you may have seen a few new pictures.  You probably even saw the debate over and choosing of her name.

Well, now she's become a topic of my writing!  I often write poetry, mostly for myself but I also share it from time to time.  However, I very rarely write poetry for children.  I love reading children's poetry but I've never been inspired to write it.  It's just never really even crossed my mind.

Until last week.

One day, during a break, I sat at my computer with a rare free moment at school.  I didn't have email to respond to, I didn't have grades to enter, I didn't have copies to make or even phone calls to return.  So, I took advantage of it and spent some time writing!  What came out over the next couple of days surprised me very much!  I decided to share it for some feedback...keep in mind it's my first children's poetry ever!

I sat on a bench today
Just to breath the time away
A little bird landed near
Somehow I knew I shouldn’t fear
He tipped his head
And “Hi,” he said
“Why are you feeling down?
I see your face, I see your frown.”
Staring with shock and surprise
I could not believe my eyes
He started again, he began to speak
My head shaking, my knees weak
“Can’t believe you hear me, right?”
I nodded my head, fighting flight
“No one does and that’s a fact.
No one knows just how to act,
When words fall out
Should they run, should they shout?”
I just shrugged, it’s all I could do
He asked again, “Why are you blue?”
So, I figured I might as well talk
“Tuesdays are our day to walk.”
He said, “But you are alone, right?”
I guess I looked a sorry sight
“Usually I walk with my friend,
Tuesdays are our time to spend.
We walk in the park and feed the birds
Just to be, to play, to share some words
I’m lost without her, my faithful friend
Always with me until the end
My dog.


  1. Very cute poem. Welcome to the world of children's poetry. I hope you continue to explore!

  2. Everyone says there should be a "turn" at the end, Robin, and you did it very well indeed. What a cute story. I can just imagine the illustrations that go with it!