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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ice Frosted Trees

As I drove to school this morning, my children playing together quietly in the backseat, I noticed the trees.  It was like they were standing guard over the road before me.  They were frost covered and white; stark against the bluing morning sky.  They were beautiful!  Unfortunately, they were also rushing past my window and I couldn't snap the perfect picture.  I caught myself thinking that it was Tuesday, slicing day, and that's when the poem began to form in my mind.  I did some editing and revising as I drove and quickly typed it while sitting at a stop sign, thankful for quiet country roads.

I was able to try out PicMonkey yesterday for another poem I was working on and when I remembered a photo I had taken last winter after an ice storm, I decided to do some playing.  How was your drive today?

Come join in the slicing fun at the Two Writing Teachers blog.


  1. I love the multiple ways this poem can be read. Thanks for sharing! Thank you also for the "Pic Monkey" recommendation. I have not used it before but am interested in trying it out now.

  2. What a drive to work! Typing at a stop sign on a country road? Kids were quiet enough to process and edit and revise? I'm impressed!

    Beautiful poem about the positives of this harsh winter.

  3. Now I have to go play with Pic Monkey! Great project for students as well.

  4. I think Betsy's thinking in poems has rubbed off on you. :-) Love the way the poem is on the photo! I think trees in the winter are fascinating shapes. What a trip to school today!

  5. Seeing Spring possibilities in the wintry trees - lovely!

  6. Love that winter a bird hotel, Robin. What a lovely drive you described!