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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Plate Runneth Over!

There are so many things on my plate, everyone's plate, everyday.  It can be overwhelming!  Or, you can take one thing at a time and keep plugging away at your list.  I have found that is the best option for me.  If I try to think about everything, it's too much.  If I just focus on one thing at a time, I have breezed through several items without really even realizing it.  The trick for me is to just keep going and know that eventually, I'll land at the bottom.  Preferably on the couch in front of the TV for a little mindless entertainment before bedtime.  No strings attached.  But, until then...

I keep thinking.  I keep moving.

I cannot stop.

The list - it never ends!

Send conference forms home with my students.
Clean out their overflowing book boxes.
Shop for new books to stir up some reading excitement.
Remember to read the opinion mentor text before writer's workshop tomorrow.

Choose a student for a thumbs up award.
Pick a child to read at open mic night.
Find an author to read a writing piece on video.

Rush out the door.
Daycare pick up.  Girl scout cookie pick up.  Book club.

Empty the dishwasher.
Put away the three baskets of clean laundry.
Clear clutter off the table.  Make dinner.
How was your day?  Tell me your best and worst parts.

Dinner's done. Clear the table.  Fill the dishwasher. 

Sign and return school conference forms for my children.
Remember to sign their planners.
Don't forget to send snack on Thursday!

Play Barbies.  Tickle bellies.  Find lost toys.  Laugh.

Pjs, cuddles, books, bedtime.
Take a breath.

Find a place to land.

The couch feels nice.
I'll just lay down for a few minutes.

Can you hand me the fuzzy red blanket?


I guess everything else can just wait until tomorrow...
when it starts all over again.

March is coming soon!!  Have you signed up to participate in the Slice of Life Challenge?  I have and I can't wait to begin!  I hope to see you there!


  1. Oh boy, the busyness and to do list never ends, does it? But, as you say, there is always tomorrow!

  2. Oh boy, the busyness and to do list never ends, does it? But, as you say, there is always tomorrow!

  3. I am wore out just reading this - ah the life of having young children = busy, busy, busy.

  4. I know this life. It's sounds soooo familiar. Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah! This could have been my day too! Phew ... enjoy that couch! (And yes, all that other stuff will be there tomorrow!)

    Excited for another year of the challenge too!