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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book or Poem...That is the Question...Finale

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At the end of April, we had just dug into writing nonfiction.  I gave my kindergarten students many choices: what topic, write a poem or book?  They were so excited to begin and so was I!  If you want to read/see the beginning stages, check out this post.

Most of my students chose to write a book, but a few brave souls decided to try writing a nonfiction poem instead.  The buzz in the room while the kids were working was absolutely amazing!  It was one of those moments when I thought to myself, "This is why I teach!" 

All of the books and poems turned out beautifully.  It was really hard to choose a few to share here, but here are a few that are updates from the kids I showcased the beginning stages of in the last post, as well as a few more that I just couldn't resist! 

You will notice that all types of writers did really well with this project.  The highest writers did their normal great work, but the lowest of my writers really did a fantastic job too! 


Chicks hatch from eggs.
A group of newborn chicks is called
a brood.



A baby sunflower is a seed.
You can eat the seeds.
Crunch, crunch, crunch.
When the rain rains on them,
the dirt gets soft.
So it makes them grow sunflowers.
Then up grows a baby sunflower.



Mustangs have wind catchers.
Mustangs have little wheels.
Mustangs have big motors.


* Notice the labels for each!


A whale is very big and it has stripes
on it's belly.  Splash!
A peacock is very big.  Wow! It has
dots and gold on the feathers.
Baby parrots are so cute.  They have
pretty colors.
A zebra has stripes all over.



Some frogs are poisonous.
Frogs have long tongues.
Big frogs eat little frogs.


Long Snakes

Snakes are long.
They have different colored tongues.
They can be 100 feet long!


Working on the Farm

A plow breaks up the field.
A disc breaks up the dirt balls.
A manure spreader helps the plants grow.
A planter plants crops.



  1. I L-O-V-E kindergarten writers! They have done you proud. Examples like this are so much fun to show the doubters. Thanks for sharing and giving me material to show teachers next year.

  2. Great work coaching young writers! I share elementary writing with my high school students sometimes. I love the nonfiction poems.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, those illustrations are more than breathtaking and the writing, labeling, everything...that is why you teach! What a fun time your students have had learning so many ways to write and express their interests.

  4. The writing is awesome. These K-kids inspire me with their flair for writing and illustrating. Here is to more happy teaching and learning!

  5. Love that whale, the zebra, the peacock--so beautiful. I can see by their words that they worked so hard to learn some things about their topic, too. Very fun to see!

  6. Thank you for sharing. Wow - quite the artists. I think I may need drawing lessons from some of these kiddos. ;)