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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Holy Poetry, Batman! Part 3...the finale

Ah...I've missed you Slice of Life!  Welcome back! 

As you may know, my recent posts have been a journey through kindergarten poetry.  We observed the playground and school garden, we made a list of what we saw, we wrote a poem and we illustrated. 

Knowing the amount of love that went into these poems and illustrations, I knew we needed to display this work for others to see and appreciate.  We mounted the pictures and poems on black paper and laminated them for safe keeping.  Here are some samples:

Gold Fish

I'm swimming.
What to do?
The water is
Blue, blue, blue.
By: Avery


If you
They will
Turn to

By: Ryleigh


A lion
He's hungry
He eats an antelope
Was full.

By: Hudson

I See...

I see a black cat.
I see a blue bird.
I see a black and white zebra.
I see a green frog.
I see the leaves.
I see the butterflies.
I see flowers.
I see the trees.
I see the fence. 
I see the people.

                                                                 By: Rylee

We hung these works of art in the hallway and we will continue to enjoy them for a while at school before we (I) part with them and send them home for parents to enjoy. 

We had a lot of fun with this project and the kids have continued to enjoy reading poetry books.  To keep the momentum going, I began reading nonfiction poetry to my students this week.  I read several nonfiction poems from The Poem Farm blog to my students.  They were eating it up!  Come back soon to see what happens next!


  1. I love how you said, "(I) we part with them." It is hard to part with such good work! Your kids did such a great job and they feel how important it was through your display and enthusiasm.

  2. Your classroom is a magical place where the joy of sharing ideas in any format (pencil, chalk, poem, narrative, inormational...) is embraced. What a wonderful place to spend your days and for your students to begin their "formal" study of writing.

  3. I loved their work...please tell them for me. Thanks for the Poem Farm blog....I'm going there. xo nanc

  4. I am going to share these poems with my 2nd graders, love them!

  5. Ohhh...just how learning should be and sometimes is not! Empowered by modeling these K-kids let their poetry muscles show. I am celebrating with you all!

  6. Thank you for sharing! Love the poems and the great artwork!

  7. It's just a terrific project, Robin. I love it each time that you show us the examples. Love the words and love the drawings. They must be so proud! Thanks for the extra effort for the class and for showing us.