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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Tuesday's Slice of Life Story
Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

It's May, it's crazy and now the baby is sick!  What?!  You do the math:

sick baby + tired mommy = no slice

Please check out my recent posts on my student's poetry journey here and here.  Also check out the research project we've been working on in kindergarten here.  I will return soon to post the wrap-up post for each!  Stay tuned!

If you missed Betsy's chalk poem challenge yesterday, don't waste any more time!  Check out her Chalk-A-Bration here!


  1. That is just no good Robin, sick babies make tired mommies more tired and there is just no sense in that. So sorry. On another note, I have never been a special note before and that was sweet! I am always staying tuned.

  2. Take care of that baby and write another day.

  3. Best wishes for the baby & for you! We can wait!