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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rain - a chalk poem

It begins as a thought:

It gets cloudy, it blows, no longer crisp:

It starts, lightly at first:

Then harder, washing, cleaning, rinsing away:

And then it's gone.  Sunshine returns:

A welcome friend:

Thank you to Betsy at Teaching Young Writers for this great chalk poem challenge.  Check out more chalk poems at her website!


  1. You are a welcome friend as well! I love your take on this, so clever and unique, just like you.

  2. Oh, nice to try that & then record it washing away, so slowly. We had rain a day or so after, & in the evening, but I stood & watched my poem leave. It was rather sad!

  3. It rained and rained and rained and rained some more. I woke to find all traces of my hard work gone. Great way to record the passage of time!

  4. Robin, it's been amazing reading your journey with the students over these last few posts! It's hard not to tear up when you think about how powerful words can be (the students' and yours!)... I think the best "teaching poetry" book is How to Teach Kindergarteners to Love Writing Poetry (Routman). Have you checked that one out? You should check it out if you haven't! We tried some sidewalk chalk poetry today! Super fun... http:writingmehome.wordpress.com