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Sunday, June 30, 2013


It's Chalk-a-bration day!  There was a break in the heat, finally, so we gathered up the chalk and the bubbles, piled into the wagon and took a walk down the street to Grandma's house.  We drew pictures, wrote words and left messages for Grandma to see.  Check out all the fun!

My 7-year-old Sweetie

 My 10-year-old Sweetie
 My 5-year-old Sweetie...look at that concentration!

 Even Baby Girl got in on the chalk action!

A little music please!
We even played with our shadows a little bit!

 Twirly Girly!

Notice the exclamation mark at the end?  That's her new T-Ball medal!

And finally, my chalk contribution, a little chalketry...



  1. Love seeing all the pics of your kids, Robin. Chalky noses, indeed! And love that 'twirly girly'!

  2. Such a fun collection of chalky pics. Love the twirly girl. I still enjoy playing with my shadow. Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us.

  3. Love the shadow play! That really adds!!

  4. The shadows are awesome, stealing that idea!! I love that you got your kids into this and I am sure grandma loved it too. Thanks for monitoring the blog while I am gone! :) <3

  5. I thought I had posted yesterday, but now I remember that my i-Pad froze up and I never made it upstairs to repost. What a delightful time you had with Chalk A Bration. It's definitely on my list of fun things to try out this summer (look for me in July). The pics were all delightful - my favorite, Emma holding up her name.