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Friday, June 28, 2013

Memories Tumble

Memories Tumble

Memories tumble
through my mind
like leaves from trees
gathering briefly
for me to collect,
reuse and jump into.

The memory pile
a safe haven
a quiet place in a storm
playing like movie reels
to relive the moments
to remember the joys
and haunting sorrows
to re-feel the past.

The memories float
they blow like dandelion fluff
for only me to capture
cottony soft and free
to touch once more
memories tumble
through my mind.

Bubbly Amy at The Poem Farm is rounding up the poems on this Poetry Friday. 

Don't forget to put your chalk to the pavement on Sunday, June 30th and join Betsy's Chalk-a-bration!


  1. Memories like leaves in a leaf pile is a fabulous metaphor and one that I will keep returning to in my mind. The best metaphors are like that... Thank you! Happy PF!

  2. LOVE <3 This is a beauty of a poem and offered images to my mind that will be in my memory pile.

  3. Hi Robin-very nice ideas about memories-love that first metaphor, "gathering briefly/for me to collect,/reuse and jump into." I especially love the idea of 'jumping into', a terrific sensation to think about! Thanks!

  4. Robin,
    I love this. Honestly, memories are one of my favorite things to write about. I guess I was blessed with a delightful childhood, wonderful grandparents, and many good memories. When I sit down with my notebook I feel much like you've described in eloquently in this poem.

    Loved these phrases:
    memories tumble
    like dandelion drift


  5. I love the idea of jumping into a pile of memories!

  6. Memories tumbling and gathered into a pile-- what great imagery!