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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Join the ladies from Two Writing Teachers for a Tuesday Slice of Life!  Come on over, read, write, join in and enjoy a slice or two.

She calls my name
laughing, taunting

She calls to me
wanting, waiting

She quietly demands
blinking, shining

She stares at me
blank, unwavering

She feels it
clicking, tapping

She smiles at me
my computer, my friend.

I had no idea what I was going to write today.  Today was the kind of day at school that made me wish I could become a Wal-mart greeter.  It was the kind of day that made me sigh, made me remind myself that  I could start over again tomorrow, yet almost makes me dread tomorrow a smidge.  It's crazy town...a two week winter break turned into three weeks, all learning fell out of 90% of student brains, behavior is in an out-of-routine deadly spiral, AND it's almost report card time.  Yes, that means I'm trying to get assessments done during all the chaos.  I know I'm not alone.  I'm not the only teacher who has ever experienced this mess.  I know tomorrow will be better because I will make sure of it.  I know I will get all the assessments and report cards completed, and probably on time too, because I always do, even when I think I won't.

So, when I sat down with an empty, fried head and stared at my computer screen, my friend began to look intimidating and cold.  That bright expectant wide-eyed look was beginning to turn into a scowling glare.  I decided that today would not win.  I would not end the day without a slice just because it was a less than stellar kind of day. 

So I wrote about my computer!  I actually like the poem that fell out of my fingers today.  I guess when my head is empty I can count on my fingers to pull through for me.

Here's to tomorrow's light bringing a better day!


  1. Ah yes, tomorrow's light will shine with promise! It can only get better, right? Having a poem fall out of your fingers is pretty great too.

  2. Love this, Robin! "I know tomorrow will be better because I will make sure of it." Yes, indeed says the teacher with magic fingers! Best of wishes & know we'll all be sending positive thoughts all day long!

  3. How cool that a poem falls out of your fingers! I absolutely LOVE the image that produces. Scoop up the learning and start reloading those brains. It will be a better day.

  4. I love the title - hopeful - no matter how tough today was, you are hopeful. It might just be the reason that you can write - and create an incredible poem - like many teachers, you will go to school tomorrow - HOPEFUL! Wonderful poem

  5. This was great. There is a lot of stress on teachers! I am glad you did not let the day win! Way to win the day!

  6. Oh yes, a WalMart greeter day, I think we all have had them. I have to remind myself when I am under (assessment and report card) pressure as you did that IT always gets done. It is so good that you wrote this day because it reminds me I am not alone in these struggles. Plus you end with hope and a poem that was just waiting to fall from your fingers!

  7. I hope that you have a better day tomorrow! I am not a teacher yet, I am just in the teaching program so I don't know what days like you had today are like, quite yet! Here's to a better tomorrow for you :)

  8. Your slice was motivating, I too had "that kind of day." Breaks are great, but it is hard to get back into a routine once they are over!

  9. It's delightful Robin...and just the recipe you needed after the madness. I love this...wish I could become a Wal-mart greeter...too funny, maybe better than my dream of being a barista, because I'm not sure I'd get the orders straight. This is the craziest winter ever...we can't get our cadence back. The little ones especially. xo