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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The River Always Finds The Lake...Eventually

The water
it pours over me
rushing past
threatening to pull me down

The rocks
small and large
jagged or worn down
obstacles to climb
strongholds against me

The lake
placid and calm
lazy lilypads
eventually the river arrives
over the rocks
rushing or meandering
it always meets
it's destiny
it always reaches
the end

I've been feeling frustrated this week with my class.  It's only Tuesday, I know this, but it's been a testing week.  I am feeling like there isn't enough time left with my students before the end of the year and also that there is too much time before the end arrives.  I feel like they have made so much progress this year and also that there is so far left to travel together.  Things that were going well before are suddenly struggles.  Things that we have struggled with are now getting easier.  I know that we will arrive at the end of the school year, just like always.  I know that I will get through at least most of what I need to get through.  Somehow, the struggles will eventually smooth and my sweet kinder kiddos will wave to me from the first grade hallway.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Some days it lights my journey and other days it shines in my eyes.  Today I feel like I need my sunglasses.  Tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. I love that you captured this in metaphor, in your poem. I always feel a little like April is the "witching" month, it is for us on April break, a signal the end is near, and like you say it feels too close and far in the same breath. My post is not about this exactly, but it is in a way. . . I connect with your sentiment :)

  2. I love this, a great metaphor for our days, Robin. "Some days it lights my journey and other days it shines in my eyes." Keep your spirits up!

  3. Your blog made me reflect on my year also. I've felt like a meandering river all year. I can't seem to find my way! When I feel I am making some direction towards the bigger pool of water it takes a turn and then I'm more confused. The group I have this year has been challenging and difficult to make good connections. I am just beginning to figure out some of my students and they will soon be on their way. It seems that I just have not prepared them enough for 4th grade. Some years I'm confident about my accomplishments and others not so much.

  4. I felt that as soon as all the assessments of learning came to be, there was no longer time to know my students and actually teach what they wanted assessed. It is certain failure to use time to test instead of teach. When you spend quality time teaching and getting to know your students you don't really need the assessments. I could tell anyone where my students were without a piece of paper. The frustration for students and teachers alike is making school not such a fun place to learn. Has anyone else noticed the increased need for young students to chew on their shirts and shoelaces?