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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Themes It's Popping Up Everywhere!

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I'm reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio right now.  I took my children to the library on Saturday morning and began reading it that afternoon.  I could not put it down all weekend.  That being said, I still haven't finished it.  (Here is where I give the excuse of having four small children...reading time is hard to come by during the daytime hours!)  But, possibly because can't spend the time I'd like to really devour the book, I have had time to reflect on my reading as I go.

It seems to follow the overarching themes that have been floating around me during the last two weeks.  I have been running into the ideas of making a difference, standing up for what you believe in, standing up for others and choosing kindness.

I see it in the book: the children who become friends with Auggie and choose kindness, they stand up for each other, and they make a difference in each other's lives. 

I see it in my classroom: making an extra effort to connect with a child and make a difference in the way they see themselves in school, as a student and as a learner.

I see it in my colleagues: standing up for the type of professional development that will be helpful and not hurtful to their team, thinking about relationships and the dynamics of teamwork and collaboration.

I see it in my mentor: teaching others by showing them their gifts and using those gifts to benefit the whole, encouraging people by meeting them where they are, validating them and then giving them a nudge to soar on their own, fostering independence, and leading by example.

I see it on the signs I drive past: "To belittle is to be little."

I see it in my own writing: read this post and this post for more.

Then again today, as I settle in with Wonder for a few minutes this evening, I see it again.  Only this time, it has an additional message attached.  Auggie said it well: "I do know what I'm really known for.  But there's nothing I can do about that.  A Star Wars duffel bag I could do something about."

Sometimes things happen and we can't do anything about it.  BUT...sometimes we can.  Don't complain about what you cannot change but take charge of what you can change.  Never be little - never belittle.  Take a stand where you can.  Make a difference.  Choose kindness. 


  1. I wrote a similar post last week Robin, about being kind, and choosing to be an ally for others when the need arises. I love your quote that you saw, never be little, never belittle. I think Wonder is a part of that, & then I just read about some other bullying in See You At Harry's and hope that a ground roots movement is on the way to stop it all. Thank you for saying this so well.

  2. Isn't it wonderful that a book can trumpet such powerful themes.

  3. I love how you summarize all of your thoughts at the end of this post. You make so clear how you are feeling right now and that you are on a mission. It is a time of year for much reflection and I love how I see so many, and feel myself, changing and moving forward no matter what unchangeable outcomes may arise. WONDER is amazing and will continue to sit in the back of your mind long after you finish reading it.

  4. Filling me with wonder and making me wonder about the choices I make. Simple wisdom. Thanks.

  5. Loved the book. Loved this post. To belittle is to be little. That is so powerful. To try and control only that which you can also so important. Thank you for the inspiration today.

  6. I loved this book and felt relieved that there were actually people who will stand up for others, if only in a book! But I have seen more evidence around our school and in the wider world -would like to see a revolution!