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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How To...

How To Enjoy Spring's Arrival

1. First, walk to the nearest window.
2. Open the window wide.
3. Take a deep breath of fresh air.
4. Notice the grass turning green.
5. Look closely at the flowers popping out of the ground.
6. Note the small, green buds on the trees.
7. Appreciate the war, yellow sun shining brightly.
8. Smile and feel good.

Can you tell what we are working on during writers workshop?  Yep!  We have been trying our hand at how-to writing.  I'm not going to lie - there have been some potholes (still thinking about spring!) in our travels down how-to lane, but it's been a really neat experience.  I've been impressed by the way my students are able to stretch the steps needed for their topic and the way they have adapted their picture drawing to this different type of writing.  Here are some of the samples I looked at today.  Check out those pictures and labels too!

 How To Wash a Car by R
 First, you get a bucket.

Next, you get a glass of water.
Third, you get a bottle of soap.

Fourth, you get a sponge.
Fifth, you put the sponge in the bucket.

Sixth, you take the sponge out of the bucket and take the sponge and put the sponge on the car and scrub the sponge on the car.

How to Make a Mud Cake by A
Put dirt in the pan.

Put water in the pan.
Put sticks in the pan.

I'm proud of my little how-to writers.  Many are starting their second how-to stories tomorrow.  Some are working on stretching out all the sounds they hear in words.  Some are adding labels to their pictures.  Some are rereading to make sure they are using their "bossy" voice and have included all the necessary steps in their pieces.  It's been a nice change of pace from the personal narrative writing we have been working on for so long. 


  1. I love it, "bossy voice." I seem to recall a little one telling me about this voice and using it to tell a story. Awesome share today!

  2. Even though there are potholes you manage to bring out awesome work from your kids. Those are great examples. Interesting that you need a glass of water but a bottle of soap. Ha, ha!