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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Old Man Winter

 Last week we had true Michigan weather.  We had a warm 60 degree day with sun, we had several days of rain and then we had two days with snow.  This is a picture of my backyard.  As you can see, there is green grass - from the sunny and rainy days.  There is a huge puddle-pond of standing water in what is usually a dry shady area of the yard - from all the rain.  If you look carefully, there is a layer of snow on the deck and under the swing set - from the two days of snow flurries.  I'm more than ready for spring to arrive and decide to stick around.  I am craving sun, blue skies and warmth!  All of this inspired the poem below.

Old Man Winter
Give it a rest
Your snow is not welcome
Your cold, not the best

Signs of spring are everywhere
Flowers sprout under snow
Spring puddle-ponds emerge
Grass is greening up, you know

Still you lurk
Around every corner
Bring out the sun
Make us feel warmer

Go away winter
Spring, you can stay
At least until summer
Comes rolling my way


  1. I'm totally down with these 60 degree days. I'm NOT ready for the balmy, sweaty summer just yet.

  2. We are loving a few days of sunshine this week after being deluged with rain last week. At least we didn't have snow. Hope spring comes back and sticks around for good.

  3. "Bring out the sun
    Make us feel warmer" Yes oh yes! I love the ending too. :)

  4. Your poem echoes my thoughts. Just when I think spring comes, it seems to slip out the back door and leaves us shivering. Missouri has that same changeable weather. Thankfully I think snow is gone.

  5. I almost wrote about this too, Robin! We again had snow on Monday, & I'm wondering about the brave tulips that are up, still not blooming but two snows & low temps-I don't know about their survival. We could use the rain, but only have snow. I love the rhythm in your poem, & of course, the message!