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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Happy Tuesday!  It feels good to slice again!  For more slice of life stories, scoot on over to Two Writing Teachers hosted by Ruth Ayres and Stacey Shubitz.

It's the second day of spring break at my house and it's been pretty blissful so far.  Yesterday was spent on our favorite things.  I got to spend time hanging out with my friend.  It was great to be able to sit back and chat...and way overdue!  My kiddos also got to do some of their favorite things: playdoh, dress up, legos, video games and a few favorite tv shows thrown into the mix.  They even got to eat whatever they wanted for lunch: cereal and poptarts with Easter candy for dessert.  It was like a yes day for them.

Reality knocked softly on the door this morning though.  I realized we've had a weekend and a whole day of break and there hasn't been a single page read in a book by anyone.  And so...off to the library we went.

My son was less than enthusiastic about going.  He thinks reading during spring break will take away from video game time.  He's correct about that too!  Just call me Mean Old Mom.  He ended up quite pleased with his book selections.  He found a spring training baseball book, a Magic Treehouse book and a Stink book.  He's currently working on finishing up the second Percy Jackson book so he can get started on the new library books.  Success!

My oldest daughter had no trouble finding a wide variety of books.  She went straight for Rosemary Wells to find the Max and Ruby Easter book and Bunny Money, old favorites.  Next, she picked out two American Girl books, an Aurthur book, and one about cupcakes.  Finally, she came over and took my hand. 

"Mom, can you show me a good girl's book?" she asked.

I had seen the Baby Mouse books as I was helping my son find his books.  So off we went!  I've never read a Baby Mouse book but I figured she would be intrigued by the comic book format and I was right!  I guess it pays off to see big brother and Daddy reading them.  Success!

My middle daughter ALWAYS goes to "the Max and Ruby shelf" first.  She picked out her usual favorites: Max's Chocolate Chicken and Max's Dragon Shirt.  While she was there, she hit up another favorite author, Mo Willems, and grabbed a Knuffle Bunny book and a Pigeon book.  At that point, her bag was full and she had spotted the little people toys in the kid's corner and she was ready to play.  Books before play?  That works for me.  Success!

Little Half Pint, my youngest, spent her time at the library in her stroller with a nursery rhyme book.  She would slowly turn the pages and touch everything in the pictures before heading to the next page.  She also enjoyed a little play time...they have really cool new bead toys and magnet toys...and she stayed mostly quiet while we were there.  Success!

When we got home, we all settled in for some reading time while half pint had her bottle and got ready for her nap.  It's been a good couple of days in our house!  If you peeked in the windows, you would see a lot of smiles and now, a lot of new books stacked around us. 


  1. That's the way to feed your kids Robin! So many tasty treats in the library. I hope the rest of your days off are just as enjoyable.

  2. I love how you referred to yourself as reality (knocking softly on their door). Wonderful!

    Enjoy the rest of your break.

  3. It's my second day of spring break as well. I think reality is calling me in the form of laundry:)

  4. Love the picture, in your words & the photo, too, Robin. I love Max and Ruby, so cute. An old favorite at our house that gets pulled out now & then. Did you like the Babymouse books? I don't know about them, but sometimes I like one. You forgot one thing, though. What did Mom get?

    1. Good question Linda. I actually didn't get anything! I wanted to find Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper but my local library doesn't have it. When I couldn't get that one I decided to read the unread books on my shelf and the stack of unread magazines on the table.

  5. Great slice! I love the library and we spend lots of time there - kind of like a candy store! Thanks

  6. How nice....the first day was kind of like a free day...which we need at times...but then under the guidance of 'reality' the children got to pick out books and have the rest of the day to explore them. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/