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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just a Tuesday

My day…sarcasm included.

I know I’m very lucky to have four healthy, happy children.  But, today was a day to get through.

Each day my children are up by 7:30.  Yes, they know its summer but still they rise and shine with the roosters.  Mostly, I don’t mind but 8:00 might be nice once in a while.  I try to remind myself that they will only be little for a short time and someday I will wish they would get out of bed at 7:30. 

Today we had doctor appointments at 11:00.  A reasonable time, I thought, to get four children out the door and to the designated location.  But instead, today was the day that the middle two decided to sleep in.  [Really?]  They both trudged out of the bedroom with sleepy eyes at 9:00, just as I was about to wake them.  Not so late, I know, but I kept hearing the clock ticking away the minutes before we needed to be out the door.

Muffins for breakfast?  Sure.
Did you brush your hair and teeth?  Yep.
Let’s go get dressed.

It would figure that today is the day that little middle wants to wear a long sleeved dress.  Only a long sleeved dress will work.  It’s going to be 75 today. 
Fine, then I will wear shorts but I won’t be happy about it.  And, only the pink ones will do.  [Thank goodness they were clean!]

Mom, can you help me find a soft shirt?  Oldest has a bad sunburn on his shoulders from swimming with his cousin earlier in the week.  [Why his aunt, the nurse, thought my pale boy should swim all day with no sunscreen on is still beyond my imagination.]  Ok, try this jersey. 
It hurts, Mom!  Can you find me a different, softer shirt?  [Departure time?  Two minutes and counting.]  Sure, let’s go find you a different shirt.  New shirt, day saved.

Into the van we go.  1, 2, 3, 4 buckles.  Set!
Does she have an appointment?
I called last week and asked for her to be added so that the doctor could see both girls back to back.
Well, she’s not on the schedule.  We are really busy today.  I don’t know if the doctor will see her too.
Well, they said on the phone it would be fine and she was all set.
I’m sorry.  I just don’t know if he will do that.
Ok.  [deep breath]

Ten minutes later….
The doctor said he would see her too, but I need to check her in and add her to the schedule.   [So I can be billed for her too, I figure.]  No problem.  Ok, the doctor will be in shortly.

Meanwhile, I do my bestest mom tricks to entertain the 5- and almost-2-year-old and the oldest two have their noses in DS games.  Yes, please play your game if it keeps you quiet and still while I deal with the other two who aren’t either quiet or still.  No problem.

Thirty minutes later…after much singing, [man, I hope they don’t have cameras!] dancing, [silent begging] and turning cartwheels [or something], the doctor arrived!

Complete check of 5 year old.  Lesson learned: if the child does not want you to look at her throat and won’t say AHHH, there is little that you can do to change her mind.  Sigh.

After checking her immunization record, she’ll need four shots.  Do you want them all today or would you like to come back for half another day?  [Are you for real?  I’ll just convince my 5 year old who doesn’t want ANY shots to get some today and come back again another day for more?  Sure, let me get right on that.]  No, let’s do them all now and get it all over with at once.

4 shots, sniffles and tears. 
Can we get lunch at McDonald’s Mom?
You betcha!
And it's onward to baseball tonight.
Am I looking forward to All Write?  Yes!  After today it’s going to feel like going on vacation!  :)


  1. Such is the life with four children. You gave me a chuckle as the day progressed. All Write will be a vacation, at least during the time you are there. See you soon!

  2. Love the writing of it, but I'm sure it wasn't as fun for you doing it, Robin. Sounds as if you did very well indeed! See you soon!

  3. I hope you got yourself a sundae. You deserved it. :-)

  4. Another day for the record book - 4 shots? I so feel for your 5 year old. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day!

  5. Thanks for the great slice! I feel for you for the whole morning and then shots to top it off! Ouch! My daughter (almost three) always has looked at us with such a look of shock and betrayal every time she gets a shot. The stickers afterwards help, but I always feel for her.

  6. You really handled the office and the shots beautifully...and really thank goodness for DS...life saver. Hopefully we can meet at All Write....yeah! xo

  7. Reading this story was even better than hearing it in person. You put so much voice into this piece it screamed at me! I loved every word.