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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Peek At My Week

I'm not a huge fan of Sundays as an adult.  As a child, Sunday was an enormous expanse of free time.  Homework was done, chores were done and Sunday was my day to do whatever I wanted.  As an adult, Sunday is so much more, or less, depending on your perspective.

I always face Sunday with a long to-do list.  Usually that list spans over the whole week, not just Sunday.  Maybe that's why Sundays feel more overwhelming?  I never have my chores completed before Sunday (are they ever really completed?).  I always have some sort of school work that needs to be done, grocery shopping to do, homework to help with, dinner to cook, and baths to give/demand.  And the list goes on and on and on...oh wait...here is my SOL!

A peek at my week to come...to-do list style.  It's just the highlights really...but it's enough.

  1. groceries
  2. school work - parent teacher conference prep
  3. laundry - putting away what my husband spent all day washing
  4. homework with the kids
  5. cook dinner
  6. baths x4
  7. bedtime routines x4
  1. drop 3 kids off at school, one with the sitter
  2. work - normal day
  3. 3 hours of conferences after school (hopefully hubby has cooked dinner)
  4. bake and individually bag muffins for daughter's school snack day
  5. help with homework 
  7. bedtime routines x5
  8. collapse  
  1. drop 2 kids off at school, 2 with sitter
  2. work - normal day
  3.  3 hours of conferences after school (hopefully hubby has cooked dinner)
  4. help with homework
  5. baths x4
  6. Bedtime routines x4
  7. collapse
  1. drop 3 kids off at school, 1 with sitter
  2. work - normal day
  3. pick up 2 kids at school, 2 kids from sitter
  4. cook dinner
  5. bedtime routines x4
  6. individually bag grapes for daughter's snack day (two in the same week? who planned that one?)
  7. maybe treadmill before I collapse today?
  1. drop off 2 kids off at school, 2 with sitter
  2. work - normal day
  3. pick up 2 kids at school, 2 kids from sitter
  4. cook dinner
  5. bake 10 dozen cookies for Friday's bake sale
  6. still baking
  7. still baking (already told hubby we are ordering pizza for dinner...not cooking!!!)
  8. probably still baking
  9. baths x4
  10. bedtime routines x4
  11. COLLAPSE!!!
  1. No School today!!!!
  2. Daycare drop off - child #1 and #4
  3. School drop off - child #3
  4. Run bake sale with child #2 
  5. Pick up child #1, #2 and #3
  6. hibernate at home for the rest of the day/night, knowing it will start over again all too soon


  1. I love how your list is very succinct especially the x4 and x5. I too feel overwhelmed by Sundays. I have lots to do, but I am making sure that I can check off my slol. Writing to do lists for me in some way makes me feel better. It is evidence that I am accomplishing things.

  2. I am a list fiend! I love them, and yours makes me smile with each detailed syntactical choice. You capture the feeling of Sunday set up for teachers so well.

  3. I so remember (with serious longing!) how Sundays as a kid seemed soooo long. Now I just wish I could even check off everything I want to by the time Sunday is done. Good luck with your crazy week!

  4. Robin, you wore me out just anticipating the week. I hope all goes as planned and you aren't collapsing before the scheduled time each day. I'll be thinking of you all week.

  5. Robin, I loved your lists...it gives a snapshot of just how busy being a mother of four, a wife, and a teacher can be. Lucky your husband helps with the laundry. And so glad you have Friday off this week. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  6. Oh my, & I feel like I have a lot to do, Robin. I'm so happy you're younger than me! You sound organized, which is a plus I guess, but perhaps you need to cut out the things like 'baking cookies, or, well I don't know what you can cut out-baths every other night? And you blog too! I'm glad you have a husband who is right in their doing too. I just read Fever 1793 with a group & the descriptions of the washing clothes & linens process was amazing. I can't imagine how women (& it was women & girls) survived. Now I see that Sunday helps lessen the rest of the week. Hope you have a few minutes today to enjoy 'something'!

  7. I think I need to go COLLAPSE after reading that list! I will remember to smile an extra smile in your direction this week. :)