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Monday, March 18, 2013

Song Title Poem

I decided to try using titles of songs to create a poem.  It reminded me of spine poems, which I tried during last year's challenge.  I got this idea from Judy.  She mentioned that she got the idea from Michelle last week.  (I apologize but I couldn't find Michelle's post.)  I love that this idea has had a domino effect!  I enjoyed reading Judy's post so much I had to give it a try myself.  But instead of turning to my ipod, which has been taken over by my nine-year-old son, I pulled up my current playlist on my iphone.  Here's what I came up with!

Dirt Road Anthem

I'm with You
Let's stay together
One more night
We are young
I don't want this night to end

It's not perfect, for sure but it was fun to play around with the titles a bit.


  1. It does have the feel of book spine poetry. I'm just horrible at knowing names of songs. Books are easier for me to manipulate, so I've been working on a few for a later post. Your titles work together.

  2. I like how you played with words, putting them together to make meaning of your own.

  3. This sounds fun! I think I might have to give it a shot :)

  4. Nice, Robin. I don't have a playlist so would have to work on ITunes I guess. It's a terrific idea, & your poem is sweet.

  5. This is a great source for found poems. Sweet! :)