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Friday, March 15, 2013

Homemade Cookies For Sale!

I had the opportunity to be a Girl Scout today!  My daughter, along with most of her Brownie troop had a bake sale today to raise money for a trip to Chicago this summer.

We set up shop in the bank lobby and got down to business.  It made for a pretty sweet picture - four bright-eyed girls wearing brown, badge-covered vests lined the edge of the table.  Each time the bank door opened, the troop hopped to their feet and hit those innocent people with their best smiles.  Most of the time, it worked too!

The girls each seemed to play a roll within the group as the day unfolded.  We had an excellent change counter, an awesome greeter, a fantastic salesgirl who came with her successful pitch all prepared, and a great money taker.

It was fun to watch the girls confidence level grow throughout the day.  What started out as a quiet, tentative "hi" changed into a "thank you, have a nice day" and finally into a proud "would you like to help support our trip to Chicago?"

There couldn't be a more diverse group of seven year old personalities than the ones I spent the day with today.  It made for an interesting time.  For example, I got to explain the roman number system used on the wall clock.  I had the chance to play I Spy and Guess My Number about 946 times. I was able to watch a pretend tazer fight break out after the nice police officer made his purchase at our table.  But best of all, I was able to practice my "how to handle embarrasing situation" skills when one sweetie announced that a customer's underwear was showing (gotta love those saggy pants, right?) in a loud enough voice for the whole county to hear.

We may have only raised $100 but it was a great experience for the Girl Scouts.  And the Girl Scout Mom had a pretty good time too.


  1. I love how you relayed the experience. I could see those girls and their pride as you described them. Sweet story.

  2. I was a Brownie and I remember being in the midst of those sales. Some of my best memories as a young girl. Thanks for sharing this!

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