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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Feeling Old

It was a busy day.  A tired day.  A crazy week.  I'm feeling a little bit glass-half-empty tonight, which isn't my norm but there nonetheless.  So that's probably why I'm feeling a little old today.

Things that are making me feel old today:

  1. Knowing my first born will be 10 next week.
  2. Finding out my first class of students will be seniors next year.
  3. Signing my third child up for kindergarten next year.
  4. My husband's birthday...he's officially over 35 now, which means I'm not far behind.
  5. Thinking that my "baby" will be two this summer!
  6. Realizing that many of the parents attending kindergarten round up are now younger than me.
  7. Noticing how my body sounds like Rice Krispie's as I get out of bed in the morning...snap, crackle, and pop!
  8. Discussing that "oldies" are the songs I sang along to as a kid.
  9. Realizing that I'm planning grown up ways to spend my tax return money: a more supportive bed, paying off a credit card, summer clothes for the kids, etc.
  10. Falling asleep on the couch before 9 pm.  Repeatedly.

Ok.  Whining done.  Tomorrow is a new day and the glass will be half full again in the morning.  In other words, the sun will come out tomorrow (hopefully literally)!


  1. Tomorrow is my daughter's sweet 16 party. She has a driver's permit now. My youngest is 13. My first students are now 38 years old. I hope you feel younger now.

  2. OMG -- I know exactly how you're feeling! I actually catch myself saying to students sometimes, "When I was your age...." AAAAGGGGHHHH!

  3. I avoid going out to dinner the night of prom. Makes me feel ancient!

  4. - 35 years old. Oldest is 10. Baby is 2 this summer.
    - Senior discount at McD's. Oldest is 32. Baby has a baby that will be 2 this summer.
    Enjoy! You could feel MUCH older! Your glass just has a sip out of it! I'm sure you will feel younger tomorrow! We all have to whine sometimes!

  5. I too am hoping the sun comes out, and soon! That Annie better get her little red head outside and start singing to the sun :) I had to snicker at the sounds your body makes when you get up, I can relate to the rice krispie like stretching that occurs upon exit from the bed!

  6. There are perks to getting older....discounts and being able to say what you wish and not worry about what others think.

  7. I still think about my kids getting older and miss their younger days. I don't really miss my younger self, though, except for fewer "snaps, crackles, and pops" here and there. The reality is that I have learned so much over the years that I would not want to give that up. My children are okay and are blossoming into beautiful adults who are capable and share their gifts with the world, and I'm still happily married to someone who has proven love for me through all kinds of life events, daily life, and all of the "me's" I've been since he met me at the age of 20. Living a good life makes the "feeling old" part not so bad... at least for now.

  8. I guess it's just one of those days, Robin, and hopefully they're just every once in a while. You're entitled. With a full time tough job & four kids, I'm not sure I wouldn't be tired too, and feeling old for sure. I could tell you that I, like Donna, have a grandchild that will be two this summer, but I won't (te he). Life is good, and then it isn't, but mostly it is good!