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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Frustration Runs Rampant

Today was one of THOSE days.  We've all had them.  Spring break is near and everyone is feeling the need for it.  I'm not so sure if it's the kids who need it more or the teachers.  Anyway, I was feeling frustrated this afternoon and wrote this quickly while I was still in the moment and feeling a little ragged.  Can anyone relate?

Frustration runs rampant
The classroom is loud
Work is not done
Teacher not proud
Frustration runs rampant
Is learning going on?
Routines out the window
Teacher holds on
Frustration runs rampant
Misbehavior is here
Take control student teacher
Teacher has fear
Frustration runs rampant
It’s time to step up
You must rein them in
Teacher has warned
Frustration runs rampant
Stakes are high
Be strong, be firm
Teacher needs to be proud


  1. Oh yeah, it hard to get them reined in when there have been so many days together. I am so glad frustration is not running rampant in my world (but that would be because I'm not in schools). I sense a break is soon, so hang on.

  2. It's only 3 days until Break for me. I understand your frustration and enjoyed your poem.

  3. Sometimes it's just too long between Christmas and spring break... or between fall and spring weather? When so many people work so hard in close quarters, breaks are needed in order to regain the sanity. Hang in there!

  4. Yes, I've been there, & remember it's a full moon too, tomorrow. I think it changes behavior, also. Sorry for the rotten, no-good, terrible day!

  5. I can feel the energy of this frustrating day in the rhythm of your words. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

  6. Oh yes, I hope tomorrow brings less frustration and a different rhythm. Nice poem though, sometimes strong emotions bring out some good writing :)