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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm not sure where this poem came from.  I'm not even sure what this poem is about.  But here it is anyway!
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Sailing on the open sea

Set adrift alone

Rolling over waves

Crashing toward the shore

Pulling, dragging, out again

Toss the boat

Rock and dip

Pushing toward the shore

The constant battle has waged

The winner not seen

Still more drifting

Floating, sifting

Thundering toward the shore

And for fun...the same poem as a word cloud (created using Wordle).

Wordle: Adrift


  1. Funny how a poem is born from nothing. Very powerful words sending that boat on its way.

  2. I love the contrasts of pushing and pulling. This is very powerful because it is undefined. Beautiful.

  3. I agree with Patricia, seems to be about life.....I like it:-)) A lot!

  4. Really enjoyed this and also the wordle, so fun!

  5. the wordle emphasizes what is important, I think, moving 'towards shore', maybe towards contentment? However it arrived, it's amazing with the images!

  6. You have some cool wordplay working here -- "adrift alone rolling over" starts with a's and then rolls into the 'o' sound. "Rolling, crashing, pulling, dragging", then later "drifting, floating, sifting, thundering" -- some sneaky rhyme stuck in there! These sections create a rolling feel, a sense of motion -- a perfect fit for what you're trying to convey. Nice! :)