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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Leading Literate Lives

I've been watching my children lately through a literate lens.  I have always loved to read and have been in and out of writing throughout my life.  As a child, I went to the local library with my mom once each week to get new books.  It was always a favorite time of mine.  I've always hoped that my children would have a similar love of reading...and maybe if I was really lucky, writing too!

As I drove to work each morning this week with my children in the backseat, I was reminded again and again how lucky I am.  My children really do love to read.  Each morning, instead of playing with a toy or video game, my nine year old son and seven year old daughter chose to bring and read books on the way to and from school.  It is such a wonderfully warm feeling to look in the rear view mirror and see two heads bent over books, and occasionally sharing a funny picture or silly passage in their books with each other.

Today, as we were sitting at my in-laws house celebrating my father-in-law's birthday, I was reminded again about how great my children were.  My seven year old and my four year old were endless entertained by a box of crayons and a stack of blank paper.  They drew pictures, wrote names, and my personal favorite, wrote notes to each of us.  They were so happy and content with those simple pleasures for well over an hour.  No arguing, no fighting, no trouble sharing, nothing!

A few hours later, as my youngest was enjoying a little milk break, what does she reach for? A stack of books!  Yes, even the 18 month old enjoys reading!  She sat with her little stack of pink books for about 15 minutes...long after the milk was gone from the cup.

As I sit at the kitchen table typing my slice, that same little sweetie is begging me for a paper and pencil to "color."  Give this girl a pencil and anything to write on and she's a happy camper.

It sure does make this Mama feel good to know that her kids are readers and writers.  Oh how I love these literate lives we lead!

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  1. I love the picture of two heads bent into books as you drive. What a joy!

  2. It is so nice and a relief when your children enjoy such wonderful ways to spend their moments. Fun to watch them enjoy those moments too.

  3. They are practicing what they see happening in their home. They are lucky children to have a home that is so literate.

  4. I'm blessed with a reader, too, in my house. Now that she is a teen we share a love of many of the same books. I love being about to have our very own mother-daughter book talks.

  5. It's AWESOME that your kids are excited about reading and writing! May they keep that flame alive into their teen years.

  6. Hurray! Hopefully they are starting lifelong reading habits. Such a gift to give to them.